We Save The Quest have introduced Pledge Card where we pledge to create a disabled-friendly environment and also pledge never to discriminate on the basis of disability.

This pledge will help in eliminating the discrimination faced by the differently abled because of their disability. The pledge aims to encourage people to think about to the requirements of the differently abled by spreading awareness and sensitizing people.

The White Cane Day Walk is the signature event of Save The Quest (STQ). The event will introduce participants to educate them about the life of visually and differently abled students by making them experience empathy through a variety of themes, including Blindfold Walk across University of Delhi, Blindfold Sound Ball Competition and a Sensitization Drive in Hindu College. The event will feature local participation, interactive and hands-on exhibits, and activities for children, entertainment, and practical ideas for sensitization. Over 2500 participants attended last year’s event and associated events and we are expecting a bigger assemblage of more than 1000 participants this time.