The project Revolution through Education is another important project taken up by Save the Quest with the motive of reforming the education system to make it more flexible and holistic, more importantly quest-based. This project is operational since May 2013. 

This was a project which sprung out of our disappointment with the current education system which more often than not fails to recognize, acknowledge and encourage talent. What troubled us more was the trend where many students were compelled to become either engineers or doctors or civil servants or chartered accountants. 

We need a more liberating education system that let us choose our own paths and careers and also a kind of education system which should create people who are not just job-oriented but citizens who are knowledgeable and able to tackle problems both at personal and professional fronts. We stand for the students rights and uphold the philosophy of pragmatic, quality-based and quest-based education.

This project advocates the working philosophy of STQ wherein we emphasize on the importance of education in our quest to bring about positive, social changes. It includes presentations and research to encourage and to motivate students, to understand the system better and to advocate for much-needed reforms. Each presentation includes student counseling and encouraging students to stand up for their beliefs and for positive social reforms. We are also conducting a survey called "Perception towards Education" to assess the students' take on the prevailing education system.

In a series of presentations and surveys, Team STQ has been to various schools in Patna namely St. Michael, Notre Dame, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Don Bosco. Team STQ is now looking at visiting private CBSE schools in South Delhi. STQ's survey called "Perception Towards Education" has already been completed by the students of the above schools and few colleges of the University of Delhi.