Revolution Through Education

About STQ

Save The Quest (STQ) is a charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882, Section 60 (Registration no. 504) based in Delhi. STQ believes in bringing revolution through education. This organisation was started by some college students, which now consists of a dedicated team of hundreds of volunteers who advocate the philosophy of bringing about revolutionary changes in the society by making education more flexible, more liberal, holistic and skill based; and over the years, focus on children with disabilities has resulted in greater awareness and increased sensitivity towards these children. The organization has more than 20 thousand beneficiaries and 25 association in the past five years.  

Education is one of the fundamental rights of human beings but unfortunately, a few children are deprived of this right. There are over 70 million differently abled people in India. They, irrespective of their economic status, are subject to social exclusion in the society. Economic, psychological and social confidence building is therefore necessary. Thus, we at STQ, assist differently abled children with their education and hope to lay a strong foundation for the challenged children to construct a better future for many of them. Disability is a physical or mental impairment that infers with the performance of activities expected of an individual of a certain age. So there is an urgent need to nurture and support the differently abled children at an early age in order to assimilate in the workforce and enable them to live a life with dignity and contribute to the GNP.


The society we live in is plagued by prejudices and clichéd notions. Differently abled, orphans or the financially weak are easy targets of these judgmental eyes. It is high time these targets are appreciated for their ability, for their passion, for their conviction. They are different, but not an outsider. We at STQ make them a part of the society; we become one of them and work as a team. Our volunteers act as friends and mentors to imbibe the right values and educate them.


You show them one glimpse of belongingness and they embrace you...



Societies are built in classrooms. This has struck a deep chord with us at Save The Quest. Started by a group of college students, STQ strongly believes that education will be the game-changer for the future of our country and the world. Education will enable a generation with a level playing field so that everyone is competent and charity is no longer required. This is the revolution which we have, this is the dream we strive to achieve. Education in India is more like a book that students are supposed to rote learn. The practicalities of what we are taught are hardly ever impressed upon us. Also, in school, when a human being is at the most impressionable age, much more effort should be made to build a morally strong person, with the right values and judgments. This is the kind of education which we strive to include in our syllabus- pragmatic, holistic, flexible and above all, quest-based.



I) Our goal is to bring about revolutionary, positive changes in the society by the means of education. We stand for student rights and uphold the philosophy of pragmatic, quality-based and quest-based studies.

II) We hope to facilitate the integration of differently abled students into the mainstream. We aim to assist the differently abled to overcome their challenges and in their need for quality education, skills, training, rehabilitation, employment and a full social and family life.

III) We also seek to sensitize the general public towards the difficulties faced by the differently abled in their day-to-day life.

IV)Our mission is to be the change, by providing basic education which will result in bringing positive change in the country. STQ hopes to facilitate the disabled students into the mainstream. We believe that every individual is special .we also aim to assist the disabled to overcome their challenges and their need for quality education, training, rehabilitation, employment and a full social and family life.

STQ has initiated at its level to serve the needs of the differently abled children and to ensure that disability needs to be taken as an issue of social and economic development. Moreover, along with STQ, all sections of society along with parents of the differently abled should also be united to come forward for this social service as such sections of the people are not a liability on the society and there is much scope to work in this field.

Educate equally.

Make in India.

Shake the world.